B.I.T.E. #9 — The Magic Question

Consumer Driven Health Care (CDHC) is a major paradigm shift from how we all view health care in America.

“We have to change our thinking about buying health care services. We need to treat these purchases as we would any other necessary purchase. You want to know what you are getting, why you need it, and how much it costs.” Says Greg Dattilo and Dave Racer in their short but powerful book Why Health Care Costs so Much. The Solution: Consumers

            I highly recommend that every American read this little book. It is only 76 pages and it is the size of a small pocket handbook. This is the clearest description I have read so far explaining the entire concept of CDHC.

            The magic question is How Much Does This Cost? I shared this question at the very end of B.I.T.E. #8. Since this question has never been asked within the current health care system is going to solicit a lot of raised eyebrows and puzzled looks. Many of the providers will give you a number of excuses of why they can’t answer that question, but I implore you to persist until you get the true cost of the health care service or product. This question seems to be magical because each time it is asked the true price will have to be given or the consumer will not accept the product or service. Once you the consumer gets the price then and only then can you shop for the best price. When enough consumers ask the Magic question of each and every health care provider for every healthcare product and service the free enterprise system will cause the price to stabilize and eventually come down. As I said in B.I.T.E. #8, if there is not any skin in the game from the consumer, the consumer has no incentive to ask the magic question. It is time for all of us to start asking how much does this cost?

Matthew Berrafato
Elephant Hunter