Bite #2 — Motivation to Change Behavior — Wellness & Health Promotion

Do you know someone in your life that for some reason is not taking care of themselves physically? Is there someone that you know that is an intelligent person, has a successful career and family and yet is making lifestyle choices that are literally shortening their lives? I think that we all know one or more people that we care about that continues to make poor lifestyle choices knowing that their choices are probably going to end their lives prematurely.
Ever since writing my first book Elephant Hunting I have been totally intrigued when I meet intelligent people who are fully aware of the fact that the lifestyle they are living is statistically going to end their lives earlier than the averages.
My new book is going to look closely at a simple but powerful concept that I believe will motivate a certain percentage of the population to make the decision to change their lifestyle behavior for the better. This concept has to do with one of the most powerful three letter words in the world, why. I think this little word holds the secret for what is keeping people from changing.
Why are you here?
The age-old question that philosophers have been debating and pondering for thousands of years. Why are you on this planet? What is your purpose for being? Do you really know the answer to these questions? I believe that once you know the answers to these questions you are on your way to finding the motivation necessary to change your lifestyle behavior. However, there is a second question that is as important as the first that you also need to answer which will hold the remaining key to your success:
Are you currently pursuing the answer to the first question (why you are on this planet) in your current job or vocation? In other words, are you currently pursuing your passions in life?
If you know the answer to the first question, and you are pursuing your life’s passion through your current career, vocation and family relationships then I believe you will change your lifestyle behavior for the better.

Do you recognize this character?

That’s right, you know him as the Grim Reaper! What in the world does the Grim Reaper have to do with taking charge of your own health and well-being? Everything!!! Let me remind you of a simple fact, if you are a human being you are going to die. It’s just a matter of when. I really don’t mean to insult your intelligence, I know you realize that someday you’re going to die. I am convinced that if a person knows why they are here and they are currently pursuing their life’s passion and loving it, they will want to do everything possible within their power to make sure that the Grim Reaper is as far away from them as possible.
I am here to remind everyone that the lifestyle choices I am talking about are the following; nutrition/eating, sleeping, exercise, smoking, and drinking. Each one of these are things that we can choose to do or not. They have nothing to do with those things that are out of your control such as injury or illness/DNA. One of the many reasons I am co-authoring this new book with my personal physician Dr. Mark Levy is because he has studied the facts and the facts state that by making better choices within these five lifestyle categories you have the power to put distance between you and the Grim Reaper.
Our new book and this blog are all about giving you tools to help you figure out why you are here in case you don’t know. And if you do know, how to change your lifestyle behaviors which are things you can control to give yourself more time to do those things you love to do before the Grim Reaper comes to take you away.
I encourage you to take the time and watch the video I have included from Simon Sinek as he discusses — How Great Leaders Inspire Action. He does a great job in this 18 minute video explaining the importance of this little three letter word — why. As the elephant hunter it is my purpose to help others find the why in their lives.
Matthew Berrafato
“The Elephant Hunter”