B.I.T.E. #1 — Welcome to the Safari!

Welcome all elephant hunters! This statement will only make sense if you know who I am because you’ve read my book or you’ve seen me speak at one of my workshops. My new blog went live today and I’m very excited because now you have a place where you can talk directly to me as the elephant hunter when you hit a speed bump and get stuck in accomplishing your life’s purpose.

For those of you who are not familiar with my book or workshops let me give you a brief explanation of my elephant hunting philosophy. It is quite simple, there are a couple of questions that humankind has been asking from the beginning.

“Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why am I on this planet?”

The elephant hunting philosophy is all about finding your purpose in life. Once you have found your purpose, you will most likely discover that your purpose for being is quite large and can be overwhelming. As a matter of fact it is large like an elephant one of the largest animals living on our planet today. The key for a person to experience happiness, fulfillment and self-actualization is to discover their life’s purpose and then to live their life according to that purpose. The key to accomplishing this is understanding the answer to one of the most important questions you will ever come across:

How Do You Eat an Elephant?®

The answer is quite simple, One Bite at a Time®
Here is the key concept behind elephant hunting, break down your elephant into manageable bite-size pieces, and then take the first bite. Isn’t that how you successfully accomplished any big project in your life? Why would accomplishing one of your elephants be any different? It wouldn’t! The elephant hunting philosophy works in every arena in your life it is a universal principle. If you apply it in your life it always works.

I will be using my blog to teach the elephant hunting philosophy to all those elephant hunters who are looking to grow. Because what inevitably happens is that all of us hit speed bumps that slows down or stop us. Usually all that is needed is a little help to get over the speed bump and that’s what this EHI One Bite Connection is all about.

Welcome to the Safari!

Matthew T. Berrafato
The Elephant hunter